Introducing the TouchFree Streamer™

The patented (US 9849263) TouchFree Streamer softly streams a column of oxygen to a patient’s face. At which point the stream morphs into a cloud creating an oxygen-enriched atmosphere around the patients nose and mouth. Clinical tests show equivalent blood oxygen levels and heart rates when directly compared to cannula-delivered oxygen at a rate of two liters per minute.

As presently 80% of the over two million night time oxygen patients require 2 liters of oxygen administered by cannula, the TouchFree Streamer is specifically tailored to that group. Additionally there are a large number of non-compliant patients who refuse oxygen therapy using a cannula or mask who will easily accept therapy using the TouchFree Streamer.

The following video shows the Streamer in action. Note that the oxygen was enhanced for video purposes.

What does the Streamer look like?

Simple but elegant solution to mask-free oxygen delivery.

What are the benefits of the TouchFree Streamer?

There are many benefits to both patients and health care providers.

Benefits to Patients

  1. The patient sleeps better. There is no more getting tangled in the tubing. The cannula does not get displaced, since it is not necessary.
  2. The patient can sleep free of tubing and cannula irritation. This prevents the ears and nose from getting sore and possibly ulcerated.
  3. For patients that won’t wear a cannula, they get a night of optimal oxygenation which allows more restful sleep and better mentation.
  4. The caregiver’s job is easier because the patient sleeps better and is more rested and less irritable in the morning.
  5. Those requiring oxygen therapy are less likely to refuse oxygen therapy which will result in better quality of life and may extend their lives.
  6. For the first time dementia and claustrophobic patients will receive the oxygen they need at night.
  7. We believe that even nasal mucosal dryness that so many oxygen patients suffer from will be improved. Quantitative proof of this is yet to be obtained.

Benefits to Health Care Providers

  1. Patients will be more compliant.
  2. Less service time will be required because the patient will have less physical complaints.
  3. The patient will not have a sore nose or sore ears and will sleep better because they are more compliant.
  4. With a solution to the “difficult” patients, your company will have a competitive advantage with the doctors and the facilities. It follows that you will naturally get the routine cases referred to you, too.
  5. Those on nighttime-only therapy will be more willing to comply with treatment.