Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD

I am an adult and preventive concierge medicine physician in Oro Valley, AZ. Our practice is affiliated with MDVIP, a proctor & Gamble company. I have been practicing in Arizona for the last four decades and prescribing oxygen treatment for patients during my entire practice. It is not uncommon for patients to have nasal delivery devices irritate them or fall off their face while sleeping.

Recently one of my patients was struggling with these issues and was able to find an alternative through her family contacts. She had Ed Dittmar, engineer co-developer of the Touch Free system, contact me and I authorized the trial of this system with my patient.

We tested the patient’s overnight continuous pulse-oxygen reading with nasal oxygen at 2 liters flow and subsequently with the 2 liter equivalent delivery using the TouchFree system on consecutive nights. The results mirrored each other and the patient was much more comfortable and was able to sleep better with the TouchFree Streamer.

I am encouraged by these results and hoping that the TouchFree Streamer will become available commercially so that I can recommend it to other patients. When my mother a night time oxygen user learned of this technology she said “Sign me up.” I told her it might be available in the not too distant future and I do think it would make her more comfortable and probably provide a better quality of sleep without compromising night oxygen levels.

Obviously, I would be happy to order this technology for other patients and let colleagues know about this option.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Griffin, MD, FAAFP