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We strongly believe that with the TouchFree Streamer, oxygen patients will live happier, healthier lives and finally get the night's sleep they deserve.

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Endorsed by Doctors

"I am encouraged by these results and hoping that the TouchFree Streamer will become available commercially so that I can recommend it to other patients."

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Patients Love It

"This amazing equipment allows me to go to sleep at night, getting the oxygen I need, without anything touching my face, or touching any part of me."

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The TouchFree Streamer Will Change Lives

Patients will sleep better and enjoy happier, healthier lives.

NOTE: The oxygen was smoke-enhanced for video purposes.

Why is the TouchFree Streamer is so significant?

There are more than two million oxygen patients in the United States. Approximately eighty percent are on two liters of oxygen. It is estimated that there are another million undiagnosed individuals in need of supplemental oxygen. With the problems solved by the Touchfree O2 delivery system, more people will accept treatment and more concentrators will be needed, particularly ten liter machines. There is more profit in a ten liter machine than in a five liter machine and will bring in more revenue to your home oxygen business.